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Welcome to Elton’s Container Show!

This is where I talk about Docker and Kubernetes, the container ecosystem, practices and architecture - and all things containery.

Every month I’ll cover a different theme in sessions which are full of demos and walk-throughs. All the demos are documented here so you can follow along for yourself and expand your container knowledge and experience.

You can always get to the latest episode at eltons.show/latest


February 2021 (theme: service mesh)

January 2021 (theme: observability)

December 2020 (theme: CI/CD)

November 2020 (theme: orchestration)

October 2020 (theme: Windows containers)

About Me

I’m a freelance consultant and trainer - specializing in Docker, Kubernetes and Microsoft Azure.

I’m the author of:

And over 20 training courses on Pluralsight, covering topics on Docker and Kubernetes, Azure and .NET, SRE and CI/CD.

I spent most of my career as a consultant, designing and building large enterprise applications. Then I discovered the container revolution in 2014, joined Docker and worked with the team for three fast and furious years.

Now I help people break up those old enterprise apps and build new cloud-native apps - and run them all in Docker and Kubernetes. I speak and run workshops at conferences around the world (pandemics permitting), write books and video courses and I help organizations at every stage in their container journey.

I’m an 11-time Microsoft MVP and a Docker Captain.

You’ll find my other content here: