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ECS-M1: Into the Service Mesh

A service mesh controls the network communication between your app components. The basic idea is simple - your components use simple networking in code and you use the service mesh to layer on more complex functionality. The mesh can encrypt traffic, take care of load balancing and service discovery, retry failed network calls and provide observability.

In this episode we’ll look at the generic architecture of a service mesh and see how the functionality gets applied when you’re running apps in Kubernetes. We’ll introduce the major technologies in this space: Linkerd, Istio and Open Service Mesh - we’ll cover each in more depth in the rest of the episodes this month.

Here it is on YouTube - ECS-M1: Into the Service Mesh


All slides this week - there are a lot of concepts in a service mesh architecture, we’ll cover them all so the demos in the next episodes will make more sense.

You’ll find them here in ecs-m1.pptx.

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