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Based on instructions from KIAMOL: https://github.com/sixeyed/kiamol/blob/master/ch01/aks/README.md


Create cluster:

az group create --name ecs-c2 --location eastus

az aks create -g ecs-c2 -n ecs-c2 --node-count 2 --kubernetes-version 1.18.10

az aks get-credentials -g ecs-c2 -n ecs-c2

Get subscription ID from az account list, then create SP for GH auth:

az ad sp create-for-rbac --name "ecs-c2" --role contributor --scopes /subscriptions/<SUBSCRIPTION-ID>/resourceGroups/ecs-c2 --sdk-auth

Copy the JSON output for your GH secret


az group delete --name ecs-c2